Hard Protective Samsung Tablet Case

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Hard Protective Samsung Tablet Case

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The protective tablet case has a hard exterior due to its dual-layer protection from the hard plastic and rubber casing.

  • Perfect fitting, uneasy for sliding
  • Exquisite structure, smart stand with a flexible holder
  • Protects your tablet from 6.6-foot (2 meters) drops onto concrete
  • Sealed ports keep out windblown rain, sand, and dust
  • Inner crash shell with foam panels deflects impacts
  • Outer silicone layer absorbs shocks and vibration
  • Anti-scratch screen shield protects touchscreen

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Samsung T110, Samsung T230, Samsung T280/T285, Samsung T290, Samsung T307, Samsung T310, Samsung T330/T331/T335, Samsung T350, Samsung T377, Samsung T380, Samsung T385, Samsung T387, Samsung T500 A7, Samsung T510, Samsung T530, Samsung T550, Samsung T560, Samsung T580, Samsung T590, Samsung T810/T815, Samsung T820/T825, T220/225 A7 Lite

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Black, Blue, Pink, Red


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